Seymour (Sy) Traub

Seymour (Sy) Traub has been the Chairman of ANIZDA since its inception in 2012. Mr. Traub is the retired Senior Vice President & General Counsel of St. Luke’s University Health Network for which he continues to consult as Secretary and board member of its insurance risk retention group, where he performs general oversight of malpractice litigation. Prior to St. Luke’s, Traub was a Senior Partner of the international law firm of Blank Rome LLP, with which he continues to maintain a relationship. Mr. Traub is Vice President and Company Counsel of KidStuff Coupon Books, a family business that produces fundraisers exclusively for schools.

Traub was the Chairman of the Board of the Allentown Economic Development Corporation for twenty years, a founding Trustee of the Fund to Benefit Children and Youth, the President of Berkleigh Country Club, a member of the boards of the Allentown Boys and Girls Club, the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation, and the Lehigh Valley Chamber Orchestra.

Mr. Traub holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from New York University, a MBA from Lehigh University and a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center.