Already in the NIZ?

Businesses within the NIZ do not incur any additional taxes as a result of the NIZ nor does it affect employees.

On an annual basis, businesses within the NIZ are simply required to report the taxes the business pays and reports to state and local agencies. Reporting is done on a cash basis and must be filed by January 31 each year for the preceding calendar year. A penalty applies for failure to file.

The NIZ is comprised of approximately 128 acres in center city Allentown and along the western side of the Lehigh River where certain state and local tax revenues generated by new and existing businesses within the NIZ can be used to pay debt service on bonds and loans issued for qualifying capital improvements.

The Business Information Packet describing the reporting requirements for businesses and contractors and containing a list of applicable state and local taxes can be downloaded here as well as the forms and instructions for the City of Allentown Local NIZ Annual Report. Assistance with the reporting requirements is available through ANIZDA. For assistance email us or call (484) 951-1289 for an appointment. For a description of what is due and what to bring to the appointment, download this reporting information card.

As of January 01, 2024, the City of Allentown is accepting online filing of NIZ local tax reports on its website at


Allentown is in in the midst of an unprecedented resurgence – and the NIZ is an ideal location to develop real estate and grow a business.


The Center of it All
Just 90 minutes from New York City and 1 hour from Philadelphia, but with a lower cost of doing business.


A Skilled Workforce
This region of over 650,000 residents is home to 10 colleges and universities.


A Lifestyle That Retains Talent
Host to arts and cultural attractions, festivals, public parks and spectator sports all contributing to a quality of life that attracts and retains top talent.


Corporate Neighbors
Home to offices of respected corporations including PPL, ADP, Lehigh Valley Health Network, Truist and Morgan Stanley.